1. I got multiple dms from them to get me to join their team but I’m only 15 (it’s 18+). So they said I could be a VIP costumer so I came here to see if it was any good first.

  2. Monat is apparently so hit and miss… it fried my hair with “natural” ingredients and made it impossible to brush through. My hair is still recovering. The more I used the product, the worse it got.

  3. I saw a video from a licensed hair stylist and salon owner talking about how monat destroyed her client’s hair and explaining how it having a natural based product is not the same as a natural product. And how the ph level in this product is close to a relaxer and that’s why it destroys people curls or color treated hair. And that the product claims that first you have to go through a detox phase and to power through it , but the actual professional said that no way you should not experience hair loss or itching or sores etc. that you body having a reaction to the chemicals not your body detoxing! You can also get salon luxury products for cheaper

  4. So I’m a MONAT MP and our products are 100% Natural no harmful chemicals Vegan and cruelty free! We have any kinds of products for our customers any kinds of hair and any kind of skin! I am currently using our Volumizing System and it works amazing for me since i had Thin Flat hair and my hair was falling but ever since i started usin these products my hair has grown so much healthier! I’ve also used our split end mender and it works just in seconds getting rid of split ends! Give me the chance to talk to you more if you are interested in joining My team or if you are interested in buying our products! No worries you have a 30 day warranty…Don’t like the products? Just send them back and you get ALL your money back! Message me on here if interested or add me on sc- julisa.rios

  5. Okay so this was super helpful thank you my friend just started to sell and she support my business so I wanted to do the same but I was skeptical about the VIP deal. So if you are still checking these comments can you confirm that you only need to do the $84 flex ship twice and then you are a VIP member for life?

  6. So for women! Just take prenatal vitamins! Your hair, skin and nails will
    Be great! Men! Do the same! They are great vitamins and will help you as well. Please consult your physician to make sure you can take everything in the vitamins for your health.

    Then buy a solid hair product without sulphates, parabens etc…. they generally cost about $20-40/bottle for something salon worthy!

  7. Hola chicas estos productos son totalmente veganos no tienen químicos ninguno y son totalmente personalizados todo depende de tu pelo y de lo q quieras para tu cabello, no solo tenemos para cuidado de pelo si no también para cuidado de la piel en donde somos número 1 con la línea de anti envejecimiento si están interesadas en obtener más información o quieres saber más sobre estos maravillosos productos me puedes contactar mi nombre es YOHANA fundora así mismo me puedes encontrar en Facebook y en Instagram es @yohii_x3 mi correo es yohana_fundora@yahoo.com ahí me puedes mandar un mensaje y con mucho gusto podré explicarte todo y créeme no te arrepentirás ya sea q quieres probar los productos o si quieres entrar al negocio y ser tu propia jefa no te arrepentirás .. Saludos y bendiciones a todos

  8. I would not recommend this company. The product may be good/bad/whatever, but most people who go into this business will lose money. This kind of direct marketing relies heavily on recruiting and leaves behind a trial of women who are worse off than they started.
    Look into the income disclosure statements. They are illuminating

  9. Thank you Thank you for such an honest and thorough review. Watching this video about your experiences with different Monat products has Totally Helped me decide on whether to try it And hopefully sell it.

  10. I am a market partner with Monat! I joined over 4 years ago. I absolutely love it and so does 99% of everyone who gives it a try. You do get people who think their salon brands are superior to anything else but I can tell you Monat is a leader in the hair care industry. We have just launched a skin care line which is hard to keep in stock. If you have any questions you can reach me at patti.mymonat.com

  11. I’m a market partner my job is to sell Monat hair and skin products. The reason why there is negative claims or whatever is because those people aren’t going to us. You need to carefully take a test to see what works right for you. Unfortunately I have no one interested in buying those products from me.

  12. Just like anything, some people have a positive experience with products, some people have a negative experience. If it works for you, use it, if it doesnt work for you, dont use it. My hair is down to my waist. Monat works for me.

  13. However good the products may be, they are still sold as part of a pyramid scheme. To me, talking about the products fairly and honestly should also address that aspect. Especially if this video entices other people to support or even join the company. It blows my mind that you would be this casual with products from an MLM considering the effect they have on the people in those structures.

  14. Wanted to hop here for a minute and share my sister-in-law's personal experience with monat. Believe it or dont, but please no negative comments.
    When she first started using Monat, her hair started to thin out. This is something Monat calls "detoxing" (again, believe it or dont). This basically gets rid of any dead hair follicles to make room for new, healthy ones. She went through this faze for only a couple weeks but decided to stick with it. Few more months passed and her hair was thicker and growing faster than ever. She's now been using it for a year and a half and loves every second of it.
    I feel like people aren't giving Monat a real chance. I've also been using it for over a year and I won't use anything else. I've had my hair dresser, who I'd actually anti-Monat, tell me how thick my hair was getting. Just give it a chance. Its definitely worth it in the end.
    Also, I am not a Market Partner. Just sharing some personal experiences for people.

  15. I cannot justify spending that much money on a product that's going to put my hair through a fake detox. AKA drying my scalp out so much to the point where it's producing oil to make up for it the dryness that's being caused by the harsh product

  16. Had to giggle at "these weren't sent to me". The company certainly wouldn't send it for free. That's what consultants aka the biggest customer is supposed to spend their $$$ on😔

  17. Their products are EXPENSIVE and the minute you stop using them you’ll go back to the same hair you had before.
    It’s a codependent relationship they get your money you get results

  18. Your scalp can only excrete oil, sweat, and protect us from outside toxins. We have other organs that detox our bodies like our liver and kidneys. Your skin does not have any detoxifying abilities scientifically. If you are having any itchy scalp, sores, redness, or any other bizarre symptom it’s because your skin is coming into contact with an allergen and your immune system is trying to tell you to stop using that. Please don’t take your own product into a salon; especially a nonprofessional brand like MONAT. It’s in poor taste and inside your stylist is probably crying. Ulta actually sells legitimate professional lines; I’m not sure about Sephora. Target, Walmart, or any general store doesn’t sell legitimate products. Please just buy your hair product from your stylist buy doing it you’re getting a guaranteed results from an educated professional AND you’re giving back to your local business and communities. Disclaimer as well MONAT products contain red clover leaf oil and this oil enhances the effects of estrogen and can be dangerous if used by women with breast cancer, who have had it. You’re hair falling out after pregnancy is normal it’s called postpartum alopecia. You’re hair will slowly grow back once your hormones return to normal. There are better products and cheaper lines that actually work. Stylist rant over.

  19. Hey guys I work with monat and I’m able to answer any of your questions ! I’m also able to offer discount codes and promotions! Let me know if interested 😊

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