1. I am obese and started following your instructions, very difficult for me due to size but one day hope to be as fit as you. Mentally and physically.

  2. So I just discovered this and I am a bit iffy about it because I consider myself fat and so I have a gut that sticks out. Is there any chance I could qny of this yoga thing right despite being…. not thin?

    Or flexible?

  3. I just discovered this and love it! It comes in the perfect time of the year as I am off season from running and can focus on this! looking forward for the rest of the week!

  4. Round4-day1. I found this session now little easier than before :). My goal is to complete 4 rounds of this 7 days challenge series. It becomes 28 days yoga challenge. This is my last week. Wish me luck.

  5. Usually I have been doing cardio and weights for last few years and wanted to try something new. I felt amazing doing this, looking forward to to complete the entire challenge!

  6. Hi Tim, wanna start by saying thank you for the great workout! I think I have a real problem with balance, I can't stand on some poses without shaking! Any tips? 🙂

  7. Hi! I just finished Day 1 strong. My 16 year old daughter joined me. Not only did we stretch and sweat,
    (summer in Australia), we also got the giggles and had a big laugh. I’m sure that’s why my abs are sore….
    Thanks Tim. Love your style.

  8. Love your routines…have already done the 7 day challenge once…starting second time over. Just a suggestion– if you can start your initial videos without blocks it would be great. The blocks become a block for me to start on the challenge sometimes! :))

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